PayU is a leading payment services provider with presence in 16 growth markets across the world.

Local experts in online payments in global growth markets

How will we support your business?

Global payment solutions

Are you an internationally active company? With PayU, a single implementation is enough to reach up to 2.2 billion potential customers.

Our local experts operate worldwide

We are experts in the markets where we operate. You do not need to know all the details about the country. Focus on your business, others we will solve for you.

Safety is our priority

We have all necessary certificates securing information transfers and possible fraudulent transactions successfully detects our anti-fraud module.

Use the payments proven many times

We provide simple and safe solutions to the largest enterprises in Poland and all over the world.

Payment cards

We service debit and credit cards, domestic and foreign ones. Offering card payment, you may obtain conversion of the level of even 93%!


PayU | Express

Payment in even 0.5 second - by card, without each-time entry of the card data.


PayU |Pay Touch

Payment by one click on the telephone without leaving of the mobile application of your shop. With the use of the means from the payment card or from the bank account. CLICK and that is it!


PayU | Cyclical payments

Cyclical debiting of payment cards. First, the customer leaves the data of their card and then, the payments are collected from them automatically. On the other hand, you receive the due amount for the subscription services in a timely manner.


For your industry

Specially designed solutions for effective service of the customers of your company


Do you run an online shop with clothes, shoes or accessories? Check how to do it even more effectively.

Digital contents

Does your offer include films, music, games or electronic books? Learn about the best payment solutions for these products.

Health & beauty

Are you an owner of a ship with cosmetics, supplements or perfumes? See what payments to offer to your customers.


Do you sell radio & TV and household equipment? Check how we can help you in it.


Do you deal with sales of tickets, transport or courier services? We have the solutions that will be effective in your business.