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The payment is made by one click, without each-time entry of the card data

We shorten the payment time to 0.5 second

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How to enable PayU | Express?

PayU Express

They already use PayU | Express

The value of the mobile order with one-click payment (PayU Express) is on average higher by 20% than in case of traditional methods. The purchases paid for via PayU Express constitute already 1/3 of all orders in Pakamera shop.

Questions and answers

How long does the PayU | Express payment take?

The PayU Express service shortens the payment process to a simple click and 1 second. Thanks to it, your customers will return to the shop more eagerly and you will be enjoying higher purchasing conversion and at the same time, greater traffic on the website.

On what basis does the purchasing conversion increase with the use of PayU | Express?

PayU | Express does not expel the buyer to payment on external websites/applications. For the entire transaction process, the customer stays on your website - logs in to the shop, buys and makes a fast payment.

How to prevent frauds in an online shop?

PayU guarantees that the transactions performed on your website are secure thanks to 3DSecure system. This system consists in confirmation of the identity of the card user through verification of additional data known solely to the holder of the payment instrument.

Who may use PayU | Express?

Everyone. PayU | Express may be used by the holders of Visa and Mastercard cards.

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